CADS Stock Utilities

Cads stock Utilities are a collection of utilities to assist with stock management functions. All functions are executed using a hand-held device which uses barcode scanning to find product and communicates by wireless and synchronizes the data collected with the back office. Android and Windows Devices supported. The application is compatible with v24, v23 and v22 of sage Accounts.

  1. Stock Take

Stock taking can be undertaken and reported on with the ability to add stock if count found to be incorrect.

  1. Booking in Stock

Booking in stock mimics the goods in process in Sage Accounts recording stock additions with order number and delivery note number.

  1. Purchase Orders

Purchase orders creates a Purchase Order based on goods scanned in and allows booking against orders. If Reorder quantities set in Sage Accounts these are brought forward as quantity.

  1. Price Check

Price checking allows the product to be checked at the shelf for price and margin, it also as a function to check margin against a new price. There is a label function built in which allows collection of label data which is then printed off where ever the back-office User interface is installed

  1. Add or Amend Stock Record

Stock records can be added or amended and incorporates a feature to find product by stock code this allows a barcode to be added to a stock record.

There is an application which is installed on a back-office pc which supports all these functions. This app controls updating modes for stock checking and stock booking in allowing choice of polling or manual update. Functions in this app use Sage Data Objects to update Sage accounts.

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