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Jola Phone is a system of voip phones that are run off the cloud. These phones will connect to multiple UK datacenters. this provides a highly resilient architecture that stops the phone systems from going down, even if one datacenter looses connection.

We can provide a Sage 50, Sage Act! and Swiftpage Act! integration to our VOIP system for improve dail form Sage, ACt, and ACT Contact POP, as well as a call history.




Powered By Broadsoft

Polycom handsets


- Used by 19 of the largest 25 carriers globally  

- Providing services to over 9 million end-users  

- Built on open standards

- Unrivalled extensibility

  - Over 10 million telephone handsets sold  

-  HD voice 



Cost Effective

Simple Fixed User Contract

Rolling Monthly Contract

Flexible Handset Options

- Includes Unlimited UK Geographical Calls   

- Includes Unlimited UK Mobile Calls

  -  Scale up / scale down as required  

  -  Use existing SIP handsets if you have them  



Save Money

No Maintinence Requried

No Line Rental Required No Bill Shock

  -  There’s no phone system on-site to maintain  

- JolaPhone doesn’t need PSTN lines

- JolaPhone doesn’t need ISDN lines

- JolaPhone doesn’t need SIP trunks  

  -  The only calls you pay for are international,
premium rate or non-geographic


Minimal Disruption

Keep Your existing Numbers

No Big Bang

  -  Jola can port numbers from most providers

- Keep your numbers even if you move premises...
even if you move to a new city 

- JolaPhone can be installed alongside any
existing system 

- Configuration and user training takes place
before switching the live numbers across 



-  HD Voice

- Autimatic Configuration

- Automatic Upgrades

- Quick Feature Access Keys

- User Defined Busy lamps

- Power Over Ethernet

- Gigabit Ethernet

- Intergrated Switch

VOIP Phones, Burton, Swadlincote, CADS

Polycom VVX 400

VOIP Phones, Burton, Swadlincote

Polycom VVX 300

There are many more features for JolaPhone Systems.

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